Tuesday, March 4, 2014

UPWOLFING Mats are here -- let the felting fun begin!

We are delighted to be a USA distributor of select UPWOLFING products! Created by felt artist and inventor Irene Van Der Wolf from the Netherlands, the UPWOLFING felting technique has taken over the felting world by storm! Irene's innovative tools and methods allow you to get very creative and have a lot of fun with your felting projects. The UPWOLFING mats are best known for allowing you to create unusual texture and nodules on felted objects, garments, and works of art.

Irene Van Der Wolf, felt fiber artist and inventor
We currently carry the Big Hole UPWOLFING mats (24"x24") as we all s the Long UPWOLFING mats (80"x8"). The mats can be cut into other shapes, as desired. You can find both mats in our Etsy shop and our website shop.

Big Hole UPWOLFING Mat, available in the USA from HeartFelt Silks

Long UPWOLFING Mat, available in the USA from HeartFelt Silks

To see Irene Van Der Wolf's process when working with the UPWOLFING mats, watch her YouTube video. You can also learn more about her artwork and designs on her Kunstwolf website.

Here is how we have been using the UPWOLFING mats in the HeartFelt Silks studio. Our Palm Washboard felting tools work very well for the UPWOLFING technique too! Oh, what fun!

Felt Art by Robbin Firth of HeartFelt Silks

Note: Our stock of UPWOLFING mats is limited, and all orders are filled on first-come first-served basis. We are only able to ship UPWOLFING products within the USA at this time. For overseas shipping, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Happy Felting!


  1. Any helpful hints you have would be greatly appreciated. As much as Irene's videos convey, the nuances and technical info is hard to glean without English translation. Thanks! ~Shana

  2. Hi Shana, Irene has a new booklet coming soon and it is in English. I have order them and will let you know when they arrive. This should be very helpful.

  3. Do you have any sort of instructions at all ? I just bought this and tried watching her videos and used your palm washboard but on the first attempt the wool felted to the mat and I had to tear it a little bit to get the wool out of the holes. I don't know if I felted too much or too little. I only felted for a few minutes because the washboard was so efficient.